About me


My name is Igwe Aneke. As a daily profession I am a Marketing Manager specialized in developing and implementing marketing strategies with a focus on Online Marketing and eCommerce.

Privately, or as a hobby, I have a strong interest in photography. Similar to many amateur photographers, I started photography mainly by taking shots when on holiday. I remember starting with an analogue camera. Being born in the digital era the upgrade to a digital camera didn’t take that long however and my analogue period was cut short. I purchased several typical compact digital camera’s in the following years.

One thing is for sure: I didn’t mind too much about technical aspects such as aperture, shutter speed and probably didn’t have a clue what ISO stood for. Taking shots to remember our holidays and family get-togethers was the main objective.

After happily using a camera this way for quite some time, I got interested in actual photography however. I purchased my first DSLR and started shooting the world around me other than only holidays and being the family paparazzo. It changed everything. I started to focus on the technical aspects of photography; the triangle between aperture, shutter speed and ISO and particularly the profound impact subtle changes in aperture and shutter speed can have on capturing every day  situations.

I would describe my photography style as diverse, although a clear passion and preference for architecture, landscape and night photography can be noticed. With a keen eye for details in light and composition, I try to make my work stand out by the manner in which the reality surrounding us all is captured in an altered perspective and state.